The festival will be held this August at Glamorgan Wanderers RFC in Ely. Credit: Caleb Tutt.

Volunteers needed to help put on Ely’s first ‘festival of fun’

The response so far has been ‘phenomenal’, say organisers of summer day out

ELY residents can look forward to a “festival of fun” this summer, but organisers are appealing for volunteers and help with entertainment, staging and food stalls.

The festival, featuring local performers, food vendors, and community organisations, will take place at Glamorgan Wanderers RFC on August bank holiday Sunday.

“Our mission is to bring people together. By hosting events on this scale we will achieve that,” said Stuart Coslett, co-founder of One Community Ely, which is organising the day.

“We want to showcase the best that our incredible community has to offer but we need your help to make it a resounding success.”

The organisers’ main plea is for a big stage and sound system but support in other areas is also needed.

Ely’s “festival of fun” will take place on August 25 at Glamorgan Wanderers RFC. Credit: Caleb Tutt.

Since announcing the event on Wednesday, Mr Cosslett said the response from residents and volunteers had been “phenomenal”.

“By participating, you can contribute to the heartbeat of the community, and help create lasting memories for everyone involved,” said Mr Cosslett.

“Happiness is about having something to look forward to,” said Mr Cosslett.

“When the sun starts to shine again on this community, there’s going to be a real new surge of energy where people are going to start saying ‘What’s next?’.”

Stuart Cosslett (left) and Leon Pike (right), the co-founders of One Community Ely. Credit: One Community Ely.

One Community Ely was founded last October by Mr Cosslett and Leon Pike to show the good community work happening in the area.

On a BBC Radio 4 podcast, Mr Cosslett told broadcaster Jason Mohammad that One Community was set up “to promote all the amazing things going on in Ely” and avoid the “negativity” often associated with the area.

  • The timetable for the festival will be finalised closer to the time but it will take place between 10am and 7pm on August 25.
  • You can offer help or volunteer your services by filling in this online form or emailing