Cardiff Muslim Runners. Image: Lowri Lewis
Cardiff Muslim Runners. Image: Lowri Lewis

How Cardiff’s new Muslim running group is adapting for Ramadan

For one participant it was the first time he’d gone for a run during the month of fasting 

THE FIRST Muslim men’s running group in Cardiff has changed its meeting time and introduced the option to walk because of Ramadan.

A number of group members at the first run during Ramadan said they appreciated the opportunity to exercise during the month of fasting. 

Rhys Portsmouth, 26, said: “We’re all together, we’re doing something we like, we’re outdoors. Obviously fasting can be quite difficult, so yeah, it’s just nice to be with everyone like-minded.”

Co-founders of Cardiff Muslim Runners, Hanan Jamil and Michael Clarke, have noticed the benefits of exercising during Ramadan in years previously – they said that it benefits their concentration for acts of worship. 

Mohammed Korichi, 30, had not ever run during Ramadan before joining this group. 

The group plans to break their fast together after their next run in a meal called Iftar.

  • Cardiff Muslim Runners are meeting every Sunday at 4.30pm outside Penylan Library during Ramadan and can be contacted via email at