Independent coffee shop Brodies opens its third location – in Heath Park

The re-opening of the cabin also returns toilets to Heath Park

CARDIFF-born independent coffee company Brodies has announced the opening of its third branch – in Heath Park – this Thursday, June 13.

The Heath Hut will not only be bringing back into use public toilets, which have been closed since February 2023, but will also provide a place for visitors to enjoy barista-made coffee, hot food, sweet treats and ice creams.

Partners and founders Ian and Danni Brodie, 38, like to give a new lease of life to buildings in need of a revamp. They enjoyed the building and renovation process and said that they already feel part of the community.

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“It has been really amazing, the process of painting it and building it,” said Ian.

“Literally not even five minutes goes by without someone coming over and asking us about it or introducing themselves.

“There is such a community here in Heath and it is something we are really excited to be a part of.”

The pair set up their first coffee shop inside a campervan back in 2013 and have since opened more permanent locations at Gorsedd Gardens in 2016 (next to the museum), Bricks in 2019 (on North Road) and now in Heath Park.

“Our focus has always been people, and just behind that is really good coffee. It is important that everyone who comes to our shop feels seen and understood,” said Ian.

The Brodies have been together since they were aged 18 and were inspired to build their own coffee company after returning from backpacking abroad in New Zealand and Australia. They noticed the coffee there was “so much better than anything they could find at home”.

What started with a team of two is now expanding to 15 employees with the introduction of this latest location.

Before and after of the ‘Heath Hut’: (Left) In 2023, after the toilets were closed to the public, and (right) as it looks today.

Heath Councillor Mike Ash-Edwards said: “It is not just the coffee shop that we wanted and have been campaigning for, but the toilets as well. It is absolutely fundamental and we are delighted.

“Lots of people use the park for social purposes and this development will help further increase that. While kids are in the play area, their guardians can sit with a cup of coffee and socialise.

“We hope people support it and that the business finds this location a prosperous, long-term operation.”

In order for the Brodies’ newest venture to thrive, they are hoping for support from members of the community.

“We have loyalty stamp cards and we will be offering NHS discount, being so close to the hospital,” said Ian.

“The best thing we could ask is just to support us in any way. We understand if you can’t come to us every day but popping by even once a week, or once every couple of weeks, for a treat would be amazing to us.

“If you can’t do that, just sharing and supporting our posts on social media is a massive help too.”

  • The Heath Hut will be open seven days a week between the hours of 10am and 5pm. It is located opposite the play area and tennis courts.