Luke Swain (left) and Calum O'Neill (right)

WATCH: The organisation helping mental health through sport and clothing

Luke and Calum set up the brand after their wellbeing suffered over lockdown

TWO young men from Penarth are hoping to make a difference to mental health after setting up a clothing brand.

Luke Swain and Calum O’Neill are on a mission to build community, start conversations and encourage people to prioritise their mental health.

Their company Mentality sells a range of clothing products and also holds football sessions on a Monday evening at Ocean Park Arena.

The two men set up the charity after discussing how they’d both struggled with their mental health and realising many of their friends felt the same.

They wanted to do something that helped tackle the men’s mental health crisis and believed community was essential to this.

“The more we spoke, the more we realised that talking was really, really helpful,” said Calum.

You can visit their website here.