Animation lovers can now participate in an online event

Cardiff Animation Nights carries on with their screenings on their YouTube channel under the pandemic situation.

One of the animation show. Credit to Cardiff Animation Nights

Animation lovers can take part enjoy an event for watching animation through streaming platform for free during lockdown situation. 

The event, Cardiff Animation Nights, has been screening some best animated short films from festival circuit in several venues around Cardiff.

The event is now carrying on with their screenings of some best animated short films into different ways on their YouTube channel under the pandemic situation and allows  animation lovers to watch short films on the small screen, meet local animators and network together in a safe environment.

“We have continued to hold Cardiff Animation Nights monthly as it is a great way for the animation community in Cardiff and beyond to watch independent short films together while apart,” said Ellys Donovan, the event manager. 

“We all miss being gathered together, hearing the laughter and applause from the audience during the films as well as getting to meet more animation fans,” said Ellys Donovan. 

Despite audience cannot gather in person, Ellys Donovan said audience can still share their favourite moments from the films screened and give a round of applause in emojis after each film in the live chats.  

Filmmakers give their experience after the screenings (Credit to Cardiff Animation Nights)

The event gets some amazing support from the filmmakers and animators featured in Cardiff.

Filmmakers will attend the online screenings and answer in the live chat to share behind-the-scenes stories and discuss how their films were made.

“We enjoy sharing a wide range of animated films from different countries, using varied techniques and interesting stories,” said Lauren Orme, one of the featured animators of Cardiff Animation Nights.

“Having screenings online has enabled us to include optional subtitles, which is something we had not previously been able to do in live venues, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the animated shorts,” said Lauren Orme. 

The next Cardiff Animation Kids screening for families is on Saturday 30th January at 10:30am and the next Cardiff Animation Nights screening for adults is on Thursday 25th February at 8pm on Cardiff Animation Nights’ YouTube Channel.