Cardiff central market: A good place for the newcomer

Cardiff Market is really popular in the city, why people love it?

Cardiff market, also named Cardiff central market, which is an indoor market with two layers and located in the city centre with abundance products for selling. It has a long history, with the impressive Victorian structure building since the 1700s. This market has a really important status for the local residents due to the reasonable price and fresh products. Although the supermarket of the city is really popular for the local customers, the market still shows the special magic for people so that many people will come in and shopping from every age group in any time.

One of the main path of the market
The shop with fresh seafood near the entrance of market

The market has more than 20 individual shops which are almost including all kind of food and other necessities, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, dessert meat, tea and even the colourful and quality cloth with good price. A female customer of cloth shop said: “ I want to buy some white cloth for my wedding dress.”

Bottles of the tea shop
The cloth shop of the market

The time is close to Christmas now and the products of the market have some change. More quality and delicate handmade products became popular: flowers, crafts and ornaments which decorated the whole market more beautiful. And the greeting card on the shelf also contains the Walsh language, which is an old age language only can bespeak by 20% population, according to the shopkeepers.

Christmas handmade gifts
Works making delicious cake

This year may hard for every people: Covid-19 makes everything changed. This market had to be closed when the lockdown happened in Walsh and only being allowed to reopen until the breakout, so the merchant has lost income during this period, they desire to become busy for higher profit during the last two months of this year, especially in Christmas.

The shopkeeper of the greeting card said: “ Last week we are so busy due to the lockdown finished and people can go out to buy products they want, but now is back to normal.” The hostess of the vegetable shop confirmed this statement, and she said there are more customers coming and shopping on the weekends.

Records shop of the market on the second floor
Guests are buying what they want

The market also has some pub to allow the customer to have a rest after shopping, or people may choose to go to hairdresser’s which is on the second floor to try some new style.