Cardiff City Centre takes you on a tour of the best buskers on St David’s Street

Music has always brought Welsh people together – and Cardiff City Centre stands as a testament to this rich tradition. 

At every corner of Cardiff City Centre, you will find buskers playing crowd-favourites.

If you ever find yourself in Cardiff, you cannot miss out on the culturally rich City Centre that brings buskers from all ages together. 

Be it 3 AM or 3 PM, you will always find a crowd around a man playing the guitar, where nobody knows each other, but they will still hold your hand and dance till their feet give up.  

Strangers singing and dancing to Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road. 

Meet Ladislau Krajczar, the old man with a guitar. You can find him performing in City Centre every Friday night, bringing 40 years of Italian music with him. He says his fingers are growing old, but he performs for the people who sing and dance around him. If you are lucky, he will play you his favourite Frank Sinatra song, My Way. 

He is not the only one you can find in City Centre. Where one melody ends, another one begins.  

We caught Ben Ellis, a 19-year-old TikToker playing an acoustic cover of Coldplay’s Yellow near St David’s Dewi Sant on a windy afternoon. He isn’t a regular busker but if you follow him on social media, you can find the details to his next performance, or check out his TikTok covers from home.   

19-year-old Ben Ellis has over 70k followers on TikTok for his acoustic song covers.

This crafty man plays the drums with old kitchen utensils. Be it saucepans, buckets, jars or bins, he can make an instrument out of anything, and will have you bopping to his catchy beats within seconds. 

This man uses kitchen utensils to play music and can be found performing all around City Centre. 

Cardiff City Centre makes you realise that there is beauty in simple, everyday things. Sometimes, we fail to listen around and just have a look. This is why this place brings comfort in a foreign city for someone who comes from a thousand miles away.  

Moments before people started dancing to Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love.