Celebrating Mother’s Day: A last-minute guide to make the day special 

Here’s a guide to last-minute DIY solutions to making Mother’s Day memorable at home. How are you planning to make your Mum smile this year?

Make Mother’s Day special this year with easy DIY activities.

The day is almost here to celebrate the woman who inspires you everyday- your mum. A single day may not be enough to give her what she deserves but it’s never too late to make it all about her. 

We won’t blame you if circumstances have made it challenging for you to celebrate this day the way you wanted to. You may be busy with work or separated from her by thousands of miles. 

“I have not seen my mother other than on video call for the past three years since I moved overseas for university and work. I really miss her and wonder how to make this day special for my mum,” said Misha, who came to the UK from India in 2021. 

Small gestures go a long way even if you are unprepared until the last moment. Plan something simple and sweet for your mum at home and see her enjoy every bit of it, whether you live in the same city or are separated by thousands of miles.

How are you planning to celebrate mother’s day this year?

Here is our guide to organising a wholesome Mother’s Day to celebrate motherhood at home even if you could not make prior arrangements. These DIY solutions can make this day memorable with just a few steps. 

Hand-made intimate gifts: ‘specially made for you’

Make a card or coupon book for your mother as a simple personalised gift.

You don’t have to worry about not being artistic enough for this one. Make a simple, aesthetic card dedicated to your mum with a heartfelt message and doodles special to you both. 

Get crafty and design a coupon book or memory jar for her with either memories written on pieces of paper or promise cute services to her with the coupon book.

Paint or sketch a beautiful portrait of hers and see her cherish it forever. If you live away from her in another city and country, send her a digital portrait of herself. 

See how you can make coupon book:https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Coupon-Book-for-Tasks

Simple card ideas: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/mothers-day/g20103457/homemade-mothers-day-cards/

Self-care night: ‘Home spa’

Set up the perfect home spa day for your mum and give her a well-deserved retreat.

Plan an at-home spa day with your mother with skincare routines and mani-pedi session with easily available DIY kits on TEMU or Shein.

Draw a warm bath with essential oils, scented candles and epsom salts to give her the ideal at-home spa experiences. Light some candles and help her relax with soothing music after a long tiring week for the perfect mother’s day retreat. 

Find some mani-pedi kits here:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Manicure-Pedicure-Sets/b?ie=UTF8&node=2909222031

Family game or movie night: ‘Netflix and bond’ 

Plan a cosy movie night in or an aesthetic indoor picnic to have a lowkey Mother’s Day at home.

The age-old practice of sitting together cuddled on the couch to start a movie with a big bowl of popcorn beats any fancy celebration outside,

Even if you live away from your mother, kick off a teleparty session with a joint virtual watch party on Netflix or Prime Video to have an intimate night in with a movie that you both love. 

How to use teleparty:  https://www.teleparty.com/netflix#:~:text=Go%20to%20netflix.com%20and,be%20guided%20to%20install%20it.

Karaoke or Picnic at home: “Adventure at home”

Jam along with your entire family to your Mum’s favourite tracks on a home karaoke night.

Dress up in the day with your mum and family to organise to little picnic in your garden or nearby park with a baskets full of her favourite food and wine. Take your polaroid camera to capture the perfect moments and play soft songs to have the perfect day outside in the sun.

You could even plan a karaoke night with some drinks and set up karaoke tracks on youtube to sing along as a family and have the karaoke club experience in your living room.

Picnic at home ideas: https://bromabakery.com/perfect-indoor-picnic-date-night/

Karaoke night in: https://www.lifewire.com/throw-a-karaoke-party-4140428

Cooking or Baking session: “Tasty treats”

Get together to bake for your mum to make the occasion even sweeter.

Gather all siblings and plan a cooking session dedicated to your mother. You will see how the love attached to the simplicity of a home-cooked meal never dies.

Start by making some of your mum’s favourite dishes for dinner and finish it off with a sweet baked treat. A little family cooking session would make this Mother’s Day special as it would get you all together for your mother.

Find out which dessert would be perfect for you to bake: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/top-10-mothers-day-desserts

All events take place on 10 March 2024.