Creative Visions: Art students showcase unique stories.

They use art as a way to express themselves and communicate a story.

Pray for Us, Saint Dwynwen, in tears.

From 8th to 10th December, Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Art students exhibited their work at the Bay Art Gallery.

Each artwork created by students is a unique expression of their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

“This is about Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh goddess of love,” said Hannah Regan, the creator of the artwork Pray for Us, “I’m Welsh, and I want to make more people aware of native traditions.”

Hannah Regan, the creator of the artwork Pray for Us.

According to the legend, Dwynwen fell in love with a man named Maelon Dafodrill. However, due to several reasons, they could not be together. Dwynwen was heartbroken, and she prayed to God to forget Maelon.

In a dream, she was granted three wishes. Her first wish was to relieve Maelon’s pain, the second was to ask God to bless all the couples in true love, and the final wish was never to marry herself.

Home? Cardboard installation.

Another artwork by Jamie Kokkorogianni, titled “Home?” is constructed entirely from cardboard.

Jamie said, “I’m from Greece, and I want to use this to bring more attention to the issue of belonging in the UK for outsiders; you know, sometimes all they own is a house, not a home.”

According to the Migration Observatory, social segregation is more prevalent among certain groups of migrants; 28 % of foreign-born adults have only friends of the same ethnicity, but the overall ethnic diversity of immigrants’ friendship circles is higher than that of British-born people.

Jamie Kokkorogianni

As the exhibition at Bay Art Gallery comes to an end, the pieces created by art students from Cardiff Metropolitan University have offered a wide range of interpretations and stories.

The exhibition has served not only as an opportunity for these young artists to showcase their talents and imagination but also as a representation of the diverse themes and techniques being explored in contemporary art education.

Membrum(soft sculpture and stitch), Naomi Griffiths