Facing COVID and empty shelves, are you worried about celebrating Christmas?

If there has short supplement or another lockdown this year, how would people care about the following Christmas? We asked some people about these questions.

Christmas Santa in shopping window’s at St’ David shopping mall.

Due to the current global shipping crisis, combined with high shipping costs and labor shortages, this means that the products that are created may not get to stores in time for the holidays, reports CNN.

With the covid-19 getting worse, the situation will have some impact on Christmas. Will these situations influence people celebration?

Beem, 34, Postgraduate Student


I’m an international student, I don’t have family here, so I don’t care celebration thing. As for the supplement, as long as I can still get basic supplies. It’s okay. Also, I’m not very worried about Covid. Because so many people are vaccinated now, the situation will be under control.

Colin, 57, Gateman


I’m not very worried about the situation. I don’t think it’s a big issue for me if there has a shortage . I don’t need to prepare many things during Christmas. If Covid gets worse, it won’t affect me to some degree. I’m aged. I don’t need special celebration for Christmas.

Navanga De Silva, 25, Team Member


I will be pretty much concerned about the shortage. Because everybody will be panic if they can’t buy things during Christmas. For Covid, I still worry about it. If Cardiff lockdown again, I won’t go anywhere. Although I’m fully dosed vaccines, I won’t take risks to go out during Christmas.

Youran, 28, Computer Science Student


I don’t concern about celebrating Christmas. During the time, I won’t have many activities with people. So it is not affecting me whether Cardiff is lockdown or not. As for supermarket supplements, I can buy things online.

Jane, 58, Retired


I am really concerned. If lockdown happens again, it would be devastating more than just Christmas. I prepare to see my family in Scotland at Christmas if everything goes as usual. I haven’t seen them last year. Compared to this, I don’t think the shortage of supplements can be an issue.

Ela, 22, PR


I’m probably going to do my shopping early if there will be a shortage. Although I stay with my family during Christmas. I am still concerned about Covid. We have already had one lockdown. I don’t think this year’s situation is worse. But maybe we are enforced to wear masks compulsorily.