Local Coffee Shop aiming to save the dwindling high-street

That shoppers in Britain are visiting the high-street less and less, in this internet driven age, is a sad reflection of modern society.

One Coffee shop in Cardiff, is however trying to fight this worrying trend.

Indeed, Stag Coffee located on Cryws Road in Cathays tries to source as much food and ingredients as possible from local suppliers to boost the local economy and community ties. 

About its commitment to the local area Jenny, the manager at the establishment, said: “when our shop is very busy with customers, we tell them to visit other independent coffee places nearby instead. We don’t want to fight local businesses, we want to work alongside them.”

Its location makes it an ideal place for students living in the area who want a break from the stresses of University life as well as for those local residents who shop in the vicinity.

Stag Coffee is open every day of the week from 9-6 except for Sundays when the opening hours are 10-4.

Apostolos, one of the several friendly and welcoming staff members in this shop.


An example of some of the delights to sample.


Stag Coffee’s commitment to local events and causes forms part and parcel of its strong community-based identity.


The menu, which is regularly updated, aims to be as inclusive as possible with people’s diverse eating habits.


Sometimes it is the simplest of gestures which are the most appreciated.