Lufkin Coffee: A journey to love

“My family travelled a lot and I assume this is the original surname, it means love.” Would you like to take a journey to love?

Coffee shop owner Dan Lukins

He is an American, and he came here for his girl friend who is an English and studying in Cardiff University. They run a coffee shop , located in Clare road , Grangetown.

The original surname of his family has been forgotten during several immigrations, he supposes that it must be Lufkin, a word which means love.

Dan with his girl friend decorated the shop by themselves.

They would like to keep the original appearance of the coffee shop and hope it could provide customers the most comfortable experience.

The decoration of the whole space looks quite quiet and peaceful, the less is the best, you could enjoy yourself and just taste coffee, escape from the real world for a while.

They really concern about the quality of food and coffee, all the things were made with heart. All the ingredients are of the high grade.  They can promise the high quality of both products and service.

They also held a range of activities in the coffee bar. Last week they provided free coffee for the volunteers from”Keep grangetown tidy”. The owner said that they really wanted to contribute to the community, and appreciated the work the volunteers had done.

Activity held in Lukin coffee shop
They arrange large tables as more people could communicate with each other which is different from other cafe.

Lufkin coffee shop is quite popular in grangetown, before 9:30 it actually opened, there were already several customers come for coffee. The signal of little lemon could be considered as a kind of encouragement for a brand-new morning!