New art works finally display in a local art centre after the lockdown.

A new exhibition designed by an independent artist finally begins to install in Chapter Art Center after the lockdown. 

After a long wait, a new wallpaper designed by an independent artist is installing as an exhibition this week in a local art centre. Also, it is a part of a program which runs over 50 years. 

For the “Art in the bar” program of the Chapter Art Centre, the exhibits called “Love Bugs” designed by Sarah Taylor Silverwood is installing in Chapter Art Centre. It will be there for months this year.

“Art in the bar” is a program in Chapter will be held 2 or 3 times a year, a new unique wallpaper with different stories and concepts will be installed and displayed for mouths, and it already runs over 50 years.  

Unfraternally, it stopped for 1 and half year due to the outbreak of COVD-19. he installation of “Love Bugs” is also means the return of “Art in the bar.” 

Different from the previous designs, “Love Bugs” adds an animation demonstration. Two TVs in on the wall will keep showing the designer’s original animation interpretation of the story in the wallpaper. And the installation of it will complete on Friday. 

“Art in the bar” this year. 
“Art in the bar” in 2017 

Catherine Angle the program manager. 

“This basically came about the head of the lockdown, by observing natural and the insects, and how insects making things like nest making, it’s all about the insects are creating and making objects just like the artists will do, you can find her concepts and motivation in the animation film on TV. ” says Catherine Angle the program manager.