The Iconic Statues of Cardiff

Embark on an interactive digital journey around the various statues of this fine city.

Clocks, rocks, and people in stone. You’d better believe we got it all.

Cardiff as a city has been around for a very long time. In fact, it is estimated that the earliest evidence of human settlement here dates back to 6000 BCE.

With a history that long, it seems natural that various people, events, and cultural moments would be immortalized in some way or another; be it in metal, stone, or in one case, mechanical machine parts in a glass box.

With so many statues, memorials, and sculptures all over the city, we here at InterCardiff thought it would be a great idea to put information about many of them in one easy-to-find place, and so we have created this interactive map to do just that.

Go on then. Explore the statues of Cardiff.