Taxi drivers and international students

One big issue in Cardiff is how hard is to find a Taxi for short fares in the night, for some luckily the experience wasn`t always so bad.

To find a taxi in the night it's not always easy.
To find a taxi in the night is not always easy.

Taxi drivers refused many times to pick up students  which needed to come back home in the night because the fares were too short.

According to WalesOnline the chairwoman of the council’s licensing committee said that the complaints reached almost one hundred during the past two  months.

But not all international students think the same, comparing this situation to their own country. Pryianka Shankar explained her experience in Cardiff since she arrived in September: “For someone like me who comes from a country where it is not very safe to travel by taxi at night, I feel quite happy. Some of them are really nice, you can speak about anything with them during the trip. Once I hadn’t enough money and I realised only at the end. I apologized but he said that it wasn’t a problem.The most important thing was that I could be back home safe.”