Unveiling Cardiff’s Art Gem: West Wharf Gallery at Jacobs Building

Explore the third floor of Jacobs Building in Cardiff for a hidden art experience. Uncover the story behind West Wharf Gallery and its lively ties to the city’s maritime past.

Nestled on the third floor of the Jacobs Building at West Canal Wharf, West Wharf Gallery is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered in the heart of Cardiff. While most visitors pass by on their way to other destinations within the building, this gallery offers more than just art—it’s a journey through the city’s history and creative spirit.

The Maritime Echo: West Wharf Gallery’s Historical Tapestry

Elizabeth Cooling jokes about being named after the Queen

Meet Elizabeth Cooling, the passionate director of West Wharf Gallery. Beyond curating the exceptional collection, she played a pivotal role in crafting the gallery space and the enchanting rooftop garden. “The name West Wharf Gallery resonates with history; it stands as a testament to Cardiff’s evolution from a bustling harbor to a cultural hub,” Elizabeth explains.

Artistry in Architecture: Elizabeth Cooling’s Vision Unveiled

Originally an active harbor adjacent to the Jacobs Building, the gallery’s namesake is a nod to its maritime past. Today, it stands as the sole surviving structure, preserving the city’s history amid modern developments. As you explore the gallery, you’ll find a dynamic showcase featuring the best of local, national, and international contemporary artists and photographers.

Elizabeth loves things with a sense of history and the necklace around her neck was given by her grandmother

“West Wharf Gallery is not just about art; it’s about connecting with the city’s roots while embracing the limitless expressions of today’s artists. It’s a bridge between history and contemporary creativity,” shares Elizabeth Cooling.

From Wharf to Wall: Cardiff’s Evolving Canvases

Immerse yourself in the ever-changing exhibitions that capture the imagination. The gallery serves as a canvas, telling the story of Cardiff’s landscape evolution. From the bygone days of cargo-laden ships to the vibrant present, each piece resonates with the city’s spirit.

The paintings exhibited at the West Wharf Gallery are from Elizabeth’s private collection

One visitor cheekily remarked, “It’s like stumbling upon a ‘toilet gallery,’ but most unexpectedly and delightfully possible. It’s not just art; it’s a unique Cardiff experience.”

In just a three-minute stroll from Cardiff Central Station, West Wharf Gallery invites you to explore Cardiff’s hidden narratives and artistic brilliance, a testament to the city’s past and a celebration of its vibrant present.