Why Sunday is the best day to visit this Chinese supermarket?

A staffer in this Chinese supermarket said they didn’t just serve Chinese customers but everyone, and explained why Sunday would be the best day to visit the store.

Fancy something spicy? A bottle of spicy sauce can add an extra flavour to your dishes!

Tired of the busy working or studying routine and need something fresh to relax your stress? Or simply just fancy going for an adventure? A Chinese supermarket can give you a novel experience.

Man Fung Store, located on Penarth Road right next to the River Taff, has operated for 15 years in its current location. Before the relocation, it had already done business in the neighbourhood for 10 years.

Frozen food is what you may enjoy during your busy working periods.

With different kinds of ingredients standing shoulder to shoulder, K said there was not a particular good that is more fast-selling than others. “Different customers have their demands.”

But K said: “The best day to come here is Sunday.” Every Sunday, freshly made cakes and vegetables arrive from London.

One of the possible origins of Wife Biscuits: a husband earned enough money to buy his slave wife back by selling the biscuits.
Stir-frying some leafy greens is never a bad idea.

Surrounded by a broad range of Chinese products, including noodles, cans and seasonings, K, a staff in Man Fung, said: “We serve everyone, different kinds of customers.”

“We sell Chinese food, Korean food and Japanese food,” K said. “If Filipino customers want to order some Filipino products, we will try.”

Chinese products are not the only things customers can find in Man Fung.

On the cloudy Saturday morning I visited, K was alone sitting behind the counter. Soon a Cantonese speaking man came to take two boxes of order and later a white couple appeared and kickstarted a 10-minute-or-so chit chat.

Some people believe burning joss papers can ensure their ancestors have a comfortable afterlife.

Although K said they didn’t just serve Chinese customers but everyone and they provided products from different countries, Man Fung is obviously full of Chinese elements.

There were joss papers selling in the store. Some people who originated from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or other nearby regions would burn joss papers to their ancestors and also deities.

Besides food, kitchen utensils are waiting for customers to search at the back of the store.
Man Fung Store has been open for 25 years already.

If you’d like to have a treasure hunt in this small labyrinth, they open from 10 am through 5 pm, 7 days a week. They’re also happy to answer inquiries on Facebook.