Novel product’s way out

A Cardiff man who believes he can bottle and sell Welsh rainwater to homesick ex-pats around the world is about to launch his new business idea.

Logo of I loves the 'Diff
Logo of I loves the ‘Diff

Christian Amodeo believes that sound marketing could turn his product on the official website I loves the ‘Diff into a successful idea and he has already sold bottle of rain to clients in the USA and Australia, as well as England and even Pontypridd.

Cardiff man sells Welsh rainwater
Cardiff man sells Welsh rainwater

“It would be a bit of fun. After all, what do people moan about most in Wales? The weather!” I loves the ‘Diff has turned a negative into a positive, according to the Christian. He believes that it’s not just the contents but the packaging and concept that achieve the sale.

“Timing is key for a product to come into market and press coverage might also help to boost sales.” A viewpoint from a business expert Eleri Rosier said that, “a combination of environmental factors and successful marketing techniques would help the products gain success in the market.”

The business expert explains that not to rely on this product to become a cash cow for the company but an attractive novelty product to add to its growing portfolio. But also the expert thinks the product’s profit margin is not high enough to attract her investment.

Cardiff rain bottles
Cardiff rain bottles

Thirty two-bottle packs of rainwater had been sold out so far, but no one has yet come back for more Cardiff Rain. “What we do is different and fresh. Of course, the rainwater products are a joke, and so in a way they are more of a publicity stunt, and a way to garner attention that actually make money or sell many items.” Explains by Christian.

So the thing what Christian doing now is having fun and doing silly can be worth following up and pursuing.

Cardiff ex-pat who’s missing the rain? Simply ‘use pump to imitate fine Cardiff drizzle and soak yourself silly’