“Little Shops, Big Dreams” Podcast

Welcome to the “Little Shops, Big Dreams” Podcast, where we explore more possibilities for doing business in Cardiff by inviting businesses to share their own entrepreneurial experiences.

Our podcast is produced by Cardiff Multimedia student journalists Pluto, Bertha and Lydia, each episode invites one or two local non-chain businesses in Cardiff to share their entrepreneurial stories and experiences, providing some ideas and insights to more people who are eager to start a business in Cardiff and new employment ideas for Cardiff’s youth population.

We hope all business lovers and ambitious young man enjoy!

Episode 1: “Fashioning Success: MOJO King’s Journey in Cardiff”

Synopsis: Clothing, as a traditional business, is a primary choice for many entrepreneurs. However, in recent years, the clothing market has increasingly become associated with consumerism, and people’s understanding of clothing has started to be replaced by “brands.” Additionally, online clothing sales have impacted physical clothing stores. Today, the challenge is how the clothing industry, especially self-operated clothing stores, can exist and profit in the local market. Therefore, in this episode, we invited the owner of a clothing store located on the second floor of Cardiff Market to share his entrepreneurial journey.

We hope that through this podcast episode, more people interested in starting a clothing business in Cardiff will gain a deeper understanding of the industry, from how to choose clothing materials to how to conduct clothing sales, and how to sustainably and stably operate a clothing store.

Paul (pictured far left) shared that his clothing shop, MOJO King, was inspired by a club in Sheffield where he used to play. He made some personal modifications to arrive at the distinct name.

Episode 2: “Vintage Ventures: Cardiff’s Antiques Market Unveiled”

Synopsis: In our childhood worlds, stacks of comic books and the tunes from vinyl records accompanied our growth, shaping our realities. In this episode, we embark on a journey to explore unique businesses, tracing the footsteps of growth. We’ll delve into the entrepreneurial narratives of comic book store owners and vinyl record store owners, listening to their tales to offer constructive advice to those with similar aspirations. Both establishments are nestled within Cardiff’s Jacobs Market. We’ll uncover the allure of Jacobs Market as shared by the proprietors, understanding what drew them to formulate their business plans here and what motivated their choice to establish such ventures in Cardiff.

Our first guest is the owner of a longstanding comic book store boasting years of successful operation. Our second guest is the proprietor of a vinyl record store, relatively new to Jacobs Market but already making waves with steady foot traffic and impressive revenue streams. Together, they’ll share their experiences in selecting the right business venture and sustaining it for the long haul. Through our podcast, we aim to offer guidance and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs in Cardiff, helping them find their passion for business through our engaging discussions.

Paul was born in the 1960s, and in his shop, he sells some items that are older than he is.
Ali stated that controlling the quality of the products sold is one of the secrets to doing good business, and as a result, he has gained a group of regular customers.