Festival Lore podcast

From all around the world, we embark on a journey through diverse traditional festivals, exploring their cultural significance and celebrations.

Throughout the year, people from various cultures participate in hundreds of traditional festivals and celebrations. Festivals an essential part of human social life and have been celebrated across cultures and societies. Understanding and celebrating different cultures forms a key part of cultural exchange and promotes a great link between all.

Welcome to the Festival Lore Podcast, where we embark on a vibrant journey through the world’s diverse traditional festivals. We will explore the significance of these festivals and the rich cultures behind them, as well as how celebrations and customs unfold both in their home countries and abroad.

The vibrant Holi Festival in India

In our first episode, we talked about the Holi Festival in India. Revelers throw coloured powder at each other during the festival. It celebrates the beginning of spring and the end of winter. We talked with an Indian girl to learn about this festival and spoke with participants joining the celebration events across the world to share the joy of the Holi festival.

Chinese Qingming Festival: A time to honour ancestors

In the second episode, we talked about the Chinese Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Festival. It is a time to pay respect to one’s ancestors. People usually go back to their hometowns to sweep the tombs of their ancestors, place offerings of food and drink as well as paper money. How do Chinese people in the UK to celebrate the Qingming Festival?