Love in Films Podcast

Love is a necessary lesson in life and a timeless theme in films.

Whether it’s romantic love stories on the big screen, heartwarming bonding scenes in family films, and genuine and deep friendships, cinema has given us countless touching moments about love.

Welcome to the Love in Films podcast, where we choose a theme about love for each episode and will inviting our guests to share the films that have touched them, as well as the real, heartfelt love stories from their lives.

So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and let’s embark on this film journey to explore the diversity and beauty of the world of human emotion.

Episode 01: First Love

The theme of the first episode is first love.

We inviteded three film lovers to share their thoughts on the best films about first love. From Call Me By Your Name to A Little Thing Called Love to The Notebook, we shared stories of first love whether beautiful or sour, and also explored cultural content such as LGBT, female growth and more.

Episode 02: Family Love

The theme of the second episode is family love.

We invited three passionate film enthusiasts to discuss some of the most poignant films that capture the essence of family love.

From the touching father-child relationship in “Learn from Dad,” to the humorous and heartfelt “Hi, Mom,” and the deeply emotional “Remember Me,” we explore a spectrum of family dynamics. Through these films, we share stories—both tender and challenging—about the bonds that define us. We also delve into diverse cultural perspectives, examining how these stories reflect broader societal themes and personal growth.