!Grubs Up! Podcast

Welcome to Grubs Up!, the podcast that will explore the history of British dishes from every region of the country including Scotland, Wales, and England. Not many people here in the United Kingdom know the origin of famous dishes they consume daily.

Our job is to break that stigma and introduce many historical facts, conversations with food experts, and live reviews of British dishes that we will be trying for the first time!

So, pull up a chair and grab a napkin cause dinner is about to be served!

Pilot: Black Pudding

For our pilot episode, we will try black pudding, an old English delicacy that traces back to 650 BCE.

Episode 1: Laverbread

In this week’s episode we will be trying a Welsh delicacy, laverbread, and dive into the history behind the dish with a feature from a food expert on the origins behind the dish.

Episode 2: Haggis

On today’s podcast, the Grubs up! team journey north to find out everything about Scotland’s iconic national dish – Haggis. We’re also joined by award-winning butcher Mark Duckworth and Scottish chef Carol Deeney to find out how this historic meal is both strongly proud of its tradition, and how it’s changing in the modern day.