9 indoor events to keep you warm, rejuvenated next week

Afraid of the cold but still want to have fun? From Creative writing workshops, graffiti, arts exhibition, belly dancing to biodanza, we bring you indoor events you can attend to keep relaxed. 

A creative writing workshop can inspire you to write your own books. Net photo

The winter chill can get unbearable but this should not stop you from unwinding, unlocking your creative juices and networking. We share with you, indoor activities you can engage in next week in Cardiff:

Start by attending the Cardiff Arts Free Festival this Sunday. The event will be at Little Man coffee company on Bridge Street from 10am to 11pm. The creative writing workshop at this festival might just be what you need to nurture the writer in you. There will also be music performances for those who enjoy the beauty of good sound, yoga, and other wellbeing sessions, knitting, crochet, tattooing, and belly dancing.

Monday 20

12.30pm, Norwegian Church

A graffiti piece in the Boiler House Gallery.  Boiler House photo.

For those who love graffiti, and want to learn a few graffiti skills, Boiler House in Canton will be teaching basics of graffiti art in their warehouse. The sessions are open to participants aged 9 to 99 and start at 11am.  If you do not feel like an arty affair, then you can go for yoga classes at the Norwegian Church at 12.30pm.

Tuesday 21

7.30pm, Wales Millennium Centre

An image from a Pride and Prejudice performance. Wales Millennium Centre photo

It will be a Jane Austen affair at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. If you are a fan of Jane Austen, English classics, or just a lover of Literature, you will enjoy this performance celebrating the legacy of Jane Austen. The performance will be on Jane Austen’s most popular book, Pride and Prejudice. The event starts at 7.30pm.

Wednesday 22

7.30pm, Kin+Ilk, Capital Quarter

The Kin+Ilk Photo Grill event will be an opportunity to share photos like this. Photo by Jennifer A. Okech

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. For those who would like to perfect the art of speaking through pictures or just to share your pictures with fellow photo lovers, the photography grill could be your warm spot away from the chill on the streets. The event will be at Kin+Ilk, Capital Quarter in Cardiff.

Thursday 23

6.45pm, Glee Club, Cardiff Bay

Iain Stirling performs at an event recently. Net photo

Looking for an evening filled with laughter to relax after a hard day’s work? You can go for a night of comedy by Iain Stirling at the Glee Club in Cardiff Bay starting 6.45pm.

Friday 24

7.45pm, St Luke’s Church, Victoria Park

Biodanza helps one release stress. Net photo

If you are spending the whole week seated working so hard, and will be looking to unwind or just find your inner self, then a biodanza class might to the magic for you. There will be a session by biodanza instructor Gail Stewart at 7.45pm, St Luke’s Church Hall, Victoria Park.

Saturday 25

9.30pm, Samye Foundation Wales, Canton

Mindfulness workshops can help you focus. Samye foundation photo

Start your weekend with a half day mindfulness workshop at 9.30am, Samye Foundation Wales in Canton.

Sunday 26

2pm, Little Man Coffee Company, Bridge Street

A cup of coffee at Little Man Coffee Company, Bridge Street.

Feeling lonely in the new environment and want to meet up fellow internationalists? Cardiff International Friends meetup have their monthly coffee meet on this day from 2pm to 5pm at The Little Man Coffee Company, Bridge Street.

There you go, the cold should not be any excuse for you not to go out and unwind, with lots of other people around you.