A cash register and £400 worth of products stolen at Grangetown

Café and shop owners are suffering from business losses after recent break ins in the last week. 

A covered broken window at the book and toy shop Honeycomb

Thieves have robbed two businesses in Grangetown in the last week.

Black & White café and Honeycomb, which is a toy and book shop, lost a cash register and £400 worth of products with Christmas around the corner.

“Three days ago, after we locked the café, we came back the next day to find that there was a break in and the whole cash register was stolen,” the cashier at the café said.

This is not a good start for the two businesses since Black & White café reopened its business two weeks ago; and Honeycomb opened the shop just a few months before the robbery.  

Black & White café owners had to buy a new cash register after the robbery

Black & White café has been the regular hangout for its costumers for around 50 years before it shut down; and now, after it opened its doors again, it is facing a loss in the business.

The burglar from Honeycomb broke the back window before he got in and stole £400 worth of toys and books from the store.

Honeycomb, a shop and a library for toys and books.

Around Christmas time, break ins and thefts are not unusual, especially in Grangetown.

“I still haven’t heard back from the police,” the shop owner, Maya Banks said, “they said that break ins often happen around this time of the year.”

The robbery happened at 4:30 in the morning, and the police are still investigating.