Brexit means Brexit, but what does Brexit mean for Wales?

Other than the rather meaningless “Brexit means Brexit” rhetoric, Theresa May has given little indication as to our negotiating position with the EU.
In particular, the role that the devolved governments would play is still unclear.
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been promised a “direct line” to the ministers responsible for negotiating the terms by which we leave the EU.
Despite this it is still unclear how much influence Wales will have in the talks, so what do the people of Cardiff think?

James, Insurance Broker

“The whole system should be changed so Wales has more influence in Westminster, this would give us more influence over the Brexit process.”

Jane, Retired

“We shouldn’t have left in the first place! I voted remain and I still think it is a massive mistake.”

Steve, Store Assistant

“I don’t really care as we are ignored by politicians anyway, it is their job to make these decisions for us though.”

Jane, Waitress

“My future shouldn’t be decided by an unelected leader.”

Seiji, Student

“Wales should take the lead in shooting themselves in the foot. Even Theresa May doesn’t actually want Brexit but hasn’t been left with much choice.”