Self-taught Cardiff musicia​​n ​Tom Auton headlines Clwb Ifor Bach

Cardiff Indie Rock and Blues musician Tom Auton, 20, will be headlining the top floor at the famous Clwb Ifor Bach. 

Tom Auton
Auton’s new single Blues Train is coming out on the 13th of December.

Tom started gigging with his band, The Bottle Breakers, (Dan Weaver, Josh Stock & Dan Rogers) around two years ago after performing solo for six years. His sights are set for his biggest headline show to date, at the top floor of Clwb Ifor Bach to 250 people on the 11th of December.

Tom is a self-taught musician. He’s been playing guitar and keys since the age of 9, learning by watching other musicians play.
A preview of Tom Auton’s new single

“I feel the Cardiff music scene is a scene of two halves. The one half is full of incredibly supportive musicians and general music lovers. They will go out of their way to support bands and artist,” says Tom Auton

The Cardiff music scene is a part of the capital’s culture, which continues to grow and grow. Cardiff is the home to creative minds such as Auton who have a committed fan base.

Tickets for Auton’s gig via Twitter promotional post

“The other half is incredibly exclusive and doesn’t want to help anyone apart from people that they already know. Which, in my mind is not a ’scene’ it’s more of a cult. This half I hate with a passion.

“It’s then made every difficult to climb the industry ladder when you have half of a scene weighing you down with sayings like ‘it’s who you know!’

“Unfortunately, this is true, which strips away every aspect of perfecting your craft, when someone who has half the amount of talent you do, gets further because they’re ‘best mates with the radio presenter!'” says Auton about the Cardiff music scene.

Tom Auton playing at a gig

With plans of money-filled balloons and 10ft curtain drops, it will be a gig to remember A few tickets are still remaining for this show.

After winning two national 1st place awards from ‘Open Mic UK’ (2014) and ‘Future Music UK Song Writing Competition’ in 2015, the iconic guitar maker Fender included Tom on their top ten list of undiscovered artists, showcasing himself to an audience of 5 million.

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Twitter: @tomauton 

Instagram: tomauton

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