Inroads steering Riverside community towards a better tomorrow

For over 20 years, Margaret and Steve Lyons have been running the Inroads Wellbeing institute in Cardiff. Five years back, moving to the local Riverside community, had a negative impact on them.

Outside view of Inroads Wellbeing Centre

The ethnically diverse community were unaccepting of the interests as they considered it to be against their cultural. After the new building for the Inroads Wellbeing Institute was ready, people started protesting against it, sending in threats of torching the place. This place is an attempt to reduce abuses in the community and make the society a safer and better place to live in.

Inside the Inroads Wellbeing Centre.The funding for the institute comes from the drug and alcohol capital fund, hence it cannot be used for anything else. The local counsellors, were ready to back it up, but during the planning meeting, the council spoke against it and said, ‘Inroads bring unsavory characters to the area.’

Margaret was really worried about how the community was unaccepting of them. She said, “Under the Section 136 of Mental Health Act, police will have to keep you under ‘care’ or ‘control’ and under observation. But when you contact Inroads, taxi will pick you up and you will be looked after. You will only be sent home after you feel better and you would avoid the Section 136 on any records.”

Margaret, aka Mags, who runs the Inroads Wellbeing Institute in Riverside

The funding now is taken care off by the European Social Fund, and would soon come to a halt after Brexit. Margaret and Steve are worried as the government is still unclear on how they will be funding these projects after Brexit.

Park Opposite to Inroads Wellbeing Centre.Inroads is a great initiative for this ethnically diverse community as it will help the area they live in to be safer and better for the coming generations. At Inroads they believe, that drugs, alcohol, mental health is something everyone does and goes through, it doesn’t define a person. We just want to build bridges and help people going through a rough time.

Houses in the Riverside community

Charities like Inroads Wellbeing Centre are concerned about their future funding as Brexit could stop Welsh charities accessing the EU funds. In such a situation, they still keep a positive attitude and try to build bridges between societies.

Inroads logo. Copyright: Inroads Facebook Page

If you are going through something similar or know someone who needs help, Please contact Inroads : 02920407407