International students may benefit from new rent scheme

Will new rent scheme make practical changes to students in Cardiff?


All private landlords will have to register their houses, according to the new house scheme “Rent Smart Wales” launched by the Welsh Government on 23 Nov.

International students, as many of them prefer private houses instead of student accommodation because of factors such as price, location and lifestyle, always have a lot of problems to deal with as tenants.

The new rent scheme will obviously make private house landlords have clearer awareness of both their rights and responsibilities. According to Zandra Pitt, Cardiff University staff from Student Advice office, the Cardiff council will have power looking at the conditions of those private accommodations under the new scheme.“They will determine if there is a sort of problems, they will prepare the landlords to fix and repair. So we also advise students with questions and problems to approach Cardiff council, in the private sector house department. “

Ray Cheung is an international student from Hong Kong and this is her first year in Cardiff. She is now living in a student accommodation, the rent is really expensive but there are fewer conflicts with landlords. She said that if the new rent scheme is effective, she will consider renting a house in the future.