Is marriage still an important institution for you?

Prince Harry and Megan Marker will be married on Saturday May 19th, Kensington Palace announced. The couple has already said they plan to hold a May wedding at St. George’s Church in Windsor Castle. The 33-year-old prince and his 36-year-old fiance announced their engagement on November 27, and a few days later the royal family introduced his bride to the public during a series of official events in Nottingham. With the royal news, people have discussed their own opinions towards marriage.
Rachel Thomas, 44, not working, Cardiff
I never been married, and also my mum have not been married for years. I think marriage is not a necessary part in my life, people get divorced very easily nowadays. I can live alone very well without married someone.

Rachel Thomas

Clare Andrews, 24, Waitress, Belfast
No, I would not. I guess the traditional concept of marriage just not important to me. But maybe I would not say no completely. Actually, I have lots of friends around me who get married very quick after fall in love, but I do not think all of them are serious couple.
Clare Andrews

Mariwan Sultan, 50, driver, UK
Marriage, to me, is an important institution for me, it is a project between two person, people have to decide to accept each other into their life, because everyone does not an angel, everyone got mistakes. I am a muslin, we always focus on manage to stay together, and forgive each other.
Mariwan Sultan

Polly Hill, 19, Student, Pontypridd ; Kelly Ellis, 23, student, Cardiff
I don’t know, maybe, if the right person show up, then I would definitely say yes. If I am be with the right person, I will see the point of marriage. But talking to divorce, I think it have become more acceptable than decades before.
Polly Hill & Kelly Ellis

Paula Williams, 44, Civil Servant, UK
No, absolutely not. I have been engaged twice, call it off twice, and don’t believe marriage. Do you want to know the reason? It is a measure used by society to control us. I don’t think it is easy to divorce by the way, it is so hard, and breaking up is such a complicated thing to deal with.
Paula Williams