Majority of affected people in flood-hit areas became homeless

Residents in Taff’s Well, near the Cardiff have been struggling with rehousing after Storm Dennis flooding without much help from the local council.

Volunteers from Rugby Club come to help residents in Taffs Well. Credit: Taffs well Rugby club

People in Taff’s Well, north of Cardiff, say they want to see more support from the council to help them deal with flood damage in their homes.  

Earlier in BBC news, the local council’s leader said, more than 1,000 homes and businesses have been hit by the Storm Dennis floods in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

“We have been homeless for a week. We haven’t had any help yet from the council. We went to a number of citizens but so many people here are looking for houses in the area,” Rachel Cox, Resident in Oxford Street said. “ The community really helps, but as for the housing part, I am not sure whether they can help search.”

Rachel and her family are considering moving to Caerphilly and still negotiating with the owner of the rental about keeping a dog.

Another resident in Oxford Alum said:”My family and I are okay, but we haven’t got insurance for the flooding damage. The house is not habitable now, so we moved out of our house.”

Rachel with her belongings left in the house

A young mother and her two-year-old daughter in Taffs Well, lost everything in the floods. Her house was submerged in floodwater and she has lost all her belongings uninsured.

Rugby boys from the local Rugby club, together with other volunteers from Taffs Well Hall, offer help for the families which need to clean debris out of the house.

Tracy Smith, club manager of Taffs Well Rugby Club said: “When that flood got apparent, we thought people might want to have a roof for the night. So we open up our possessed rooms for people to stay in.

“Thankfully, all of the flooded victims get accommodation that night. Whether through friends, family, hotel or bnbs.”

Tracy just received the donation of the towel from a lady for people in need

For people affected, the Welsh government provides 1000 pounds for each household whose home was flooded during February.

Spokesperson of Shelter Cymru, a housing and homeless charity said the council has a duty to provide emergency accommodation and people can contact the charity by calling 08000 495495 if needed.

From Shelter Cymru