Multicultural Love podcast: every country has its own way to start romantic relationships

Love is an eternal topic of human history. But how people fall in love may be different from country to country. Let’s listen to some international love stories.

Love is a special bond of people, and brings an intimate relationship to two strangers. Although songs and stories extolling the virtues of love are numerous in every country, the way of expressing love varies from culture to culture.

In the modern world, as interaction across countries is more frequent than before, to purchase their love, some people may need to overcome barriers caused by cultural differences.

What would you do if you fell in love with someone from a totally different cultural background? Our podcast will invite people from different countries, different religious and different social backgrounds share their love stories, and discuss various romantic relationships.

Next, relax and let’s listen to the multicultural love podcast, hope you guys enjoy!

Episode 1: When we first fell in love

Episode 2: Will we get married or not

Episode 3: What different societies think of our love?

World Multicultural Love Story Map

Want to find out more details about our guests from all over the world? You can easily find out more about them on this map by clicking on the coordinates on the map. And try clicking on the titles on the map, so you can hear their stories again.