Rolfes the Florist; 50 years of Art and Floristry

Exploring the oldest florist store in Wales and the art behind creating themed bouquets with a variety of flowers to create something special.

Rolfes store with flowers themed after halloween
Kerry decorates the display for Rolfes based on the theme of the season – Halloween.

Amidst the quaint town of Splott lies a single store that stands out with its bright colours of orange, red, and green beautifully themed around Halloween. Floristry may appear as a simple task of putting together flowers, but Kerry Decaux showcases the love and care that goes into creating timeless art for loved ones.

Bouquet of roses and a variety of flowers.
The Naomi rose is the most demanding flower on the market for its bright colour and enormous size.

Rolfes the Florist is one of the oldest florists in Cardiff ­­­­–which has made its name since 1967 selling fresh flowers imported from Holland. Once run by Pip Hill-John, former owner of Rolfes, has been passed to Kerry to take forward the art of floristry.

Kerry holding a bouquet of lowers at her workplace.
Kerry realised her passion for the arts and did a course at USK agricultural college where she pursued floristry.

Decaux’s love for art and her passion for meeting new people made floristry a rewarding experience. “My job is to make them smile,” she says recalling the flowers she had handcrafted for every event. She strings together bouquets from special occasions to funerals, thinking about every detail that went into creating a special moment for her customers.

Vases and work tools required to make bouquet
Kerry’s work parlour at Rolfes where she produces her best work with a team of five people who have flexible working hours.

It is all about the art of choosing the right flower during the right season by bringing it together to create something that people can cherish. Every season demands a fresh variety of flowers that matches an occasion or theme and Kerry makes sure that she delivers exactly what people want. 

A typography board next to pot of plants.
Rolfes is Kerry’s second home passed on to her by the previous owner and friend Pip Hill John.