Should Cardiff ban BB gun or not?

The shopkeeper representative in Cardiff still defends his stand after 2 teenagers were convicted of using a BB gun. He believes the store could sell BB gun to children in a cautious way rather than ban it.

Two school boys have used an imitation “BB” gun to threaten a fellow pupil in their school just in order to get a cigarette. As a result, they were detained in a Young Offenders Institution for eight months. Two MPs said there should be tougher regulations to stop minors from getting their hands on imitation weapons like BB guns. Moreover, a majority of parents strongly appeals to ban the sale of BB gun toys as they think it could wreck a child’s life. Although the current law is supposed to prevent sale of BB guns to under 18 years old, there have been a number of serious teenagers’ incidents in the UK and globally – including deaths.


Andrew Jones, the shopkeeper of Antics, says: “I know the law on the BB gun, it’s legal to own BB gun under 18, but it’s illegal to purchase the BB gun of them. I’m very strict on it, if I don’t think someone is 18 even you show your ID I would refuse to sell, you know, in the wrong hands everything will be dangerous.”