Should we do more to protect cyclists in Cardiff?

BBC, on the 27th October, reported that serious cycling accidents in Wales have increased by 50% in the last 5 years. In Cardiff, only 4% of people commute by bike, according to the article. Is it because people find it dangerous to ride a bike? Is it time to rethink the rules and facilities for cyclists? What can we do for reducing accidents? Let’s ask people in Cardiff.

Question: “Do you think we should do something more for cyclists to protect them?”

-“Yeah, we should make it safer for cyclists. I think there is not enough cycle track either. Cyclists should follow the rule as well. I’m a car driver, and sometimes I do find it frustrating. I check quite a lot when I drive a car because my other half and my father are cyclists. I think the majority of cyclists are quite sensible, but there are some cyclists actually on the road as well.
We should definitely make a lot more cycle lanes. I also think cyclists should take some kinds of exam like a basic cycle test. Because, of course, if you drive a car you’ve got to have a driving test, and you’ve got to have a license.” (Suzanne White, 41, Accountant)
-“Definitely, although a lot of cyclists are a bit naughty. My best friend has experienced a bit of road rage from car drivers. So he’s had that problems. I don’t think a cyclist should have an exam or license. Because it’s just a freedom, isn’t it? Cars are different.” (Alan Rolls, 59, Maintenance Supervisor)
-“Yeah, I think the government do something more, definitely. I see some cycles outside of the cycle lanes. Some of them need a license.” (Kim Rolles, 31, Deputy head teacher)
-“No, I think we should do something to educate them and make them take some courses. Educate them about the safety. Some of them are okay, but the minority are spoiling the rest.  You see them in the evening, they don’t have a light on, they wear a dark cloth. It’s very very dangerous. Dangerous for themselves. Don’t bike, take a taxi!” (Ham Chapeau, 40, Taxi driver)
-“Yes, definitely I think so. But I don’t think cycling licences are needed.” (Courol Rolls, 57, Administrator)
-“Well, no. I think the government has done enough by giving them a cycle lane, and a bus lane. The thing is that this is a city, you can’t do so much. What do you expect them to do? Give them a special lane in the sky? It doesn’t work like that. Some cyclists not following rules doesn’t really bother me although ignoring a signal is another thing. It’s up to you to wear a helmet or not.  At the end of the day, cyclists are cyclists.” (64, a taxi driver)