Where should Wales spend the £550 m extra budget?

An extra budget of £550 m will be received by the Welsh government. Where should these money be spent?

The government of Wales is about to receive a £550 millions extra money help until 2021 to cover the needs of the country as announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Welsh politicians expressed their dissapointment about the UK financial policy towards Wales despite the chancellor’s announcement for additional backing with £120m for the North Wales Growth Deal.

With the major issues like homelessness and education being on the spotlight, the needs in other public services like transportation and NHS  have been rised critically, just a few months before Brexit.

A few people in Cardiff, were being asked about where this amount of money should be spent on and the answers received indicate the various problems in Wales.

Sam, Cardiff, Performance and Media student

Wales money

”I think they should spend 40-50% on housing homeless and get them jobs, more than anything and I’d say 40% in education because if we’re educated  we’re not gonna end in a bad place, we’re gonna have the opportunity to do what we want to do in our lives. Maybe the remaining 10% could be spent on NHS because the doctors are not so great.”

Mark, Cardiff, bus driver

Wales money

”Hospitals and public services because everyone needs nurses and doctors to be here and we’ve got shortage of them. And we need more people using public transport in order to be greener.”

Lunette, Cardiff, self-employed

Wales money

”National health I would say and education because  that is where is needed the most in the future of the children and the homeless… and NHS definitely.”


Amber, Swansea, student at Swansea University

Wales money

”I think more money should be spent… I’m not sure what your university campuses like but I know there’s a lot of facilities that have to be updated. The trains are not the best, the schools.. In Swansea there are so many beaches and I think maybe they should be kept clean.”