How to manage your waste in Cardiff?

If you follow the government’s guidelines you will not need to worry about the waste in front of your house anymore.

Orange clinical waste bags put in front of a restaurant.

Cardiff Council recollected waste around Cardiff by extra bin collections after snow disruption last week.

After ridiculous snowfalls half a month ago, Cardiff council cancelled waste collections for a few days. Waste collections on March 1st and 2nd were missed due to bad weather condition.

“We have now caught up with delayed collections. Where resource allows, we will be collecting any green recycling bags that have been incorrectly put out for cancelled collection this week. Thank you for your patience, responded by the Cardiff Council.

Council staff rearranged the timetable for waste collection, but hundreds of people didnt get the message timely. This caused the citys streets and lanes were surrounded by rubbish which affected the appearance of the city.

The sanitation worker is hurrying up collecting the waste.

Although the UK government had provided a comprehensive guide of waste collection rules, it still has been a problem for a long time in Cardiff.

Drunken night crowds and seagulls nearby are the main causes of rubbish spilling around the city. At the same time, many international populations, especially students, are not familiar with the rules of local waste collection. 

When I first came here, I was not very familiar with the waste classification rules, which caused many times that the rubbish accumulated for a long time and was not picked up on time, said Vicky, an international master student from Cardiff University.

General waste bins put in front of a student accommodation.

Hence, it is necessary to spread how to do waste collection timely and properly for people living in Cardiff.

In the residential areas of various cities in the UK, the government places three trash cans of different colours at the entrance of each house. They can hold recyclable garbage, food garbage and other household garbage. Residents who have gardens will also receive garden garbage collection bags distributed by the municipal government to hold branches and leaves.

For garbage sorting and garbage collection time, the district government printed a special booklet for each family. The detailed description lists a list of recyclable garbage, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper, yoghurt boxes, and plastic vegetable boxes.

For food waste, the district government requires to place it in a special food waste bin, and there are also strict regulations. For example, residents should remove expired food before throw it into the food bin. Plastic bags used to contain food waste cannot use ordinary plastic bags. People must use degradable plastic bags. Residents can buy this kind of plastic bag in supermarkets. If you do not want to break the fees, you can apply on the website of the district government.

The British like to take care of gardens, trim trees, and arrange lawns, which inevitably generates some garden waste. The government refers to it as “green waste” in waste classification, and it also requires separate classification and recycling.

The cafe staff piled all the waste in front of the cafe.

“The government will generally give our family a few large white woven bags for temporary garden waste, waiting for the government to collect them every week. said Kelly, a 65-year-old gardener living in Cathays. 

The government and the public are the two main bodies of waste collection. No matter who organizes or how to classify it, has the public, enterprises and institutions to do.

Current, waste collection system itself is complete, but many residents’ unfamiliarity or non-compliance to it, and government has a problem of low recycling efficiency. It is still a problem that local people need to pay attention to.

At last, everyone can go to CARDIFF.GOV.UK and enter their own zip code and You can find rules for waste collection of your home.