The Bus Reform initiative in Wales is met with varied mixed emotions

A brand new bus reform is now inspiring Welsh people, but some people in Cardiff felt ‘down in the dumps’ as bus was lost.

Cardiff Bus 342 on Churchill Way on a service 11 to Pengam Green. (Credit: Stuart Robert Barber)

Cardiff is set to see improvements in its bus transport system with a new plan for more bus lanes and parking restrictions. Cardiff Council’s cabinet reviewed a report today that suggests significant changes to six main bus routes.

The plan, created in collaboration with Cardiff Bus, Transport for Wales, and other operators, includes moving bus stops, enhancing major intersections, and evaluating the Gabalfa roundabout to improve bus services.

One resident, 91-year-old Terry Turton from Heathway, expressed his concerns to WalesOnline. “I’m very worried about the situation,” Terry said. “I used to enjoy gardening, but I can’t do it anymore. I can’t even handle household chores because of my mobility issues.”

The proposed changes have sparked worry among older and disabled residents, who fear the reorganization of a key bus route will leave them isolated. Adventure Travel’s number 86 service will cease operations at the end of March, with parts of the route being integrated into the Cardiff Bus 29 service.

Another resident, Margaret Jones, 78, shared her anxiety: “This bus route is my lifeline. Without it, I’ll struggle to get to my medical appointments and the shops.”

Councillor De’Ath explained the plan’s benefits: “The proposal includes six main bus routes connecting important interchange points like the new bus interchange, Waungron station, the University Hospital for Wales, and current and future park and ride sites.”

He added, “Our goal is to offer faster, more accessible bus services that integrate well with rail, light rail, cycling, and walking options. We’re not suggesting dedicated bus lanes along the entire length of these routes but rather targeted improvements to make bus travel more appealing for both residents and visitors.”

The plan aims to enhance the overall efficiency and appeal of public transport in Cardiff, providing a solid foundation for future transportation funding.