Adamsdown Church offering shelter for the homeless this winter

A Church in Adamsdown, along with six other Cardiff churches, is hosting a homeless NightShelter for three coldest months of the year.

Big issue seller in winter snow

St Germans Church in Adamsdown, along with several other churches across the city, is opening its doors to the homeless on 22nd of December to provide shelter for the homeless over the three coldest months of the year for the seventh year in a row.

Parish volunteers come from all over the city to host around 15-20 homeless people, providing them with two hot meals and a place to sleep at seven different churches, each opening on different nights of the week starting on the 18th December.

St Germans Church in Adamsdown

Volunteer help is integral for the NightShelter to run with training days provided at the several different churches for those who wish to work one of the several shifts available, St Germans Church’s first training day will be held on the 10th December for anyone who wants to lend a hand.

The training sessions are designed to help with the several different tasks ranging from cooking dinner and spending time with the guests, to staying at the church over night to ensure that the guests are safe.

If you want to volunteer to help St Germans Church you will need to complete a volunteer form and hand it in to the church and you will be informed about the nearest training session which will look more closely at the policies and practices of the church.

Inside St Germans Church

The Churches NightShelter works in close partnership with Cardiff Council’s outreach team which also has shelters up and running around the city after they announced in 2017 that they plan to end rough sleeping in the city by 2020 after the city saw a 77% increase in rough sleepers between 2016 and 2017.

If you would like to help at a church more local to you, these are the seven churches currently involved in the NightShelter project: Seventh Day Adventist Church, Grangetown Baptist Church, Capel Salem, St Mary’s RC Church, Calvary Baptist Church, St Peters RC Church, St Germans and St Saviours.