Are house prices in Cardiff too high?

A research shows that house prices in Wales are expected to increase in the next three months. We ask the public about house prices in Cardiff.

Local people said house prices in Cardiff is high and they may not consider buy houses in the city.
The latest report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors shows house prices in the whole nation rose in October up to 1% and the prices are expected to increase in Wales in the next three months.
House prices have an impact on people’s living condition and lifestyle. We ask people’ opinions on house prices in Cardiff.
Sean, 47, park ranger, Cardiff

I think house prices in Cardiff are slightly high because people cannot afford to buy a house and they need more deposit to put on house. I am renting at the moment. Possibly I may not buy a house in Cardiff in the future but buy one out of Cardiff where is cheaper.
Lee, 31, landlord, Bristol

Yes, the house price in Cardiff is high. But I have a house in Bristol, and the price is too expensive. I own a house and two flats. One of the flats cost me 275,000 pounds without mortgage.
Jason, 43, design manager, Cardiff

Yes. I did buy a house in Cardiff but I am still on the mortgage. If I am retired, probably not buy a house and live in Cardiff. Probably I would buy on the coast for example west Wales.
Sue, 57, retired, Caerphilly

I do not particularly know about the house price in Cardiff but it must be more expensive than where I live. But Cardiff will be a place that we want to live because we like the green that’s why we walk around here.
Uulle, 52, administrator, Penarth

I live in Penarth which is very close to Cardiff. I am not very sure the house price. But the house price in Penarth is quite expensive and it is probably the same in Cardiff. I pay for my house. I work here but I like to be away from the city center. I like somewhere be quieter and more peaceful on weekend.