Boris Out say campaigners in Cardiff city centre

“Government should think about people not just themselves” say Labour campaigners ahead of next week’s General Election.

A picture of Boris Johnson drew for amusement.

Campaigners were handing out leaflets on Queen Street in Cardiff to convince voters to vote against austerity and Boris Johnson’s Conservative party.

They assembled together, gave out leaflets and expressed their political opinion, which attracted a crowd of people.

Adam Johannesburg said,”Britain is very strange because as the sixth richest economy, there are four million people who have used food banks and thousand of children whose parents can’t feed properly and make them hungry in the summer holidays.

“We have the highest gas and electricity bills in Europe, we have the most expensive rail fares in Europe. If you are a student, you have the most expensive university education in the Europe. Britain can be such a better country but it is wrong now. Boris Johnson only cares about the rich.”

Adam Johannesburg is concerned about economic situation in Britain.

The British election will happen on 12 December and these national votes are to choose a government to run the country, are supposed to be held every five years. Six hundred and fifty people in total will be chosen as members of Parliament (MPs) to decide laws and policies.

“We are assembling for all the homeless people and all the children in poverty. Boris only cares about the rich people and poor people getting poorer and homeless now,” said Alicia McDermott, one of the organizers.

Lyn Eynon said, “We have to change the situation and the only way we can change that it to change the government. That is the reason why I support Jeremy Corbyn. If he wins, the Britain may change which will be everything from restoring some important industries back into public ownership.

“A national minimum that people can really live on. We will try to solve all Brexit problem. It could be a different country! If Boris Johnson stays in power, things will get backwards.”

Alicia Mcdermott and Lyn Eynon (left) are talking about further actions.

Nana Regan who passed by and took the leaflet, said, “We totally agree and we want Boris out! He does everything for the austerity but not for the normal people.They are against European Union and I’m from Europe and I want to stay here the same as before. We want to be  a part of Europe but not exclude. We can get stronger together.”

Nana Regan and Mark strongly agree to Boris out!

“He lies about anything! They said they want to Brexit because the money can be used in NHS but they hasn’t done anything. They said in a general way but not facts. Before the Brexit, he prepared two speeches, one for remain and one for leave. The conservative government is very right wing,” said Mark.