Campaigners honoured for expanding cycle access across the city

The Cardiff Cycling Awards returned for the second time to celebrate the achievements of volunteers and cycling organisations across the city

The Cardiff Cycling Awards have returned after a long delay due to Covid-19

Cycling campaigners have been honoured at an awards night for their work to make cycling more accessible across Cardiff, but there is still a long way to go, say organisers.

Over 500 people voted online for the six Cardiff Cycling Awards, which were hosted at a packed Bike Lock Cafe in Cardiff city centre, and was attended in person by over 20 volunteers.

“It’s really about taking the temperature of how healthy cycling is in Cardiff,” said Dan Allsobrook, a committee member at Cardiff Cycle City.

Radnor Primary School won the ‘Cardiff School Doing Most to Encourage Cycling to School’ Award

According to Cardiff Cycle City, support for cycling here is high and events like these are essential in helping achieve its goal of making Cardiff the best cycling city in the UK.

“When motorists look out of their car window in a traffic jam and you see cyclists bombing along, a lot of them are probably thinking ‘I should give that a try, if only I had x, y, or z,'”, said Dan.

The big winners of the night included Pedal Power, who won two awards for their work on improving access for disabled cyclists in Cardiff and Hamish Belding, whose Kidical Mass and Bike Bus groups have improved cycling safety for children.

Celebrating these achievements was at the heart of the awards, but there was also focus on further improvement. One important ‘winner’ came in the form of Cowbridge Road East which won Worst Road or Junction for Cyclists in Cardiff.

Hamish Belding runs Cardiff’s chapter of Kidical Mass, a global cycling movement aiming to improve cycling safety, particularly for children

The awards have returned after being delayed by Covid-19 and Cardiff Cycle City is hoping to rebound and expand it number of volunteers.

“One of the aims of our organisation is to encourage and support people who might feel excluded or unable to cycle – whether it’s because of a disability or their economic circumstances or that the area they’re in is poorly served by cycling infrastructure,” said Dan.

Pedal Power won two awards, including the ‘For Cardiff Award for the Most Cycle Friendly Business in Cardiff’

While there is enthusiasm amongst volunteers at growing their numbers, questions remain as to whether Welsh politics will continue to support cyclists.

“I sense that cycling and the things associated with it, like the 20mph limit, have caused a bit of nervousness among politicians. There’s been a rowing back of ambition,” said Dan. “I just think some people are a bit too afraid because people do want to drive less and get around on foot and on bikes more.”