Kidical Mass ride calling attention to children’s road safety held in Cardiff

Last Sunday, a Kidical Mass ride started in stadium plaza to call attention to the issue of road safety for youth cycling.

A group with a volunteer organisation led more than 20 groups of parents and children on a ride around Cardiff last weekend.

The group accompanied more than 20 parents and children from the stadium plaza to ride around the main road and back to Cardiff Central for a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.

 Geraint criddlu who is the parent of two children living in Cardiff said, “I really super love this event, I came today with my wife and my two children. Because every time my children go to play by themselves, I really scared, because of the traffic. And I think it is a good opportunity to bring attention to the dangers of traffic for children’s safety. “

The families who participated in the event decorated their bikes with lights and Santa hats, not only for aesthetics, but also to remind passing vehicles of the safety of the children’s riding and the children wore protective helmets, and experienced an organized and safe ride with their parents.

It is understood that more that 600 children in the UK die each year from road safety problems, with an average of one child killed every ten hours or so due to the traffic issues.

A participant named Deran also said that the cycling experience is not only a great way to promote family bonding and bring new experiences to children, but also a way to call attention to the issue of children’s traffic safety, which is not only about children but also about every family.

The ‘kidical mass’ ride was not the first free event organised by the organisation, in fact the programme runs in many cities across the UK, and is open to not only children but also disabled people, with activity groups providing a safe environment for people to immerse themselves in the joys of cycling.

Hanish belding, the event organiser, said “I really feel sorry for children at this stage of their lives, they lack a safe environment to ride in and they don’t have the freedom to enjoy the joys of cycling as I did when I was a child. So I really encourage young people to come along, not just kids. The ride is slow and there are volunteers throughout, so it’s safe, and we’re appealing to the public like we are to take youth road safety seriously, and we also want to let the kids experience the joy of riding that we used to have.”

In the future Mr hanish said he will continue to organise such events in the hope that more people can pay attention to the issue of children’s cycling safety, not also through this from of activities to let the public to realise the importance of cycling safety.