Canton redevelopment plans bring fresh parking concerns

New development plans for Cowbridge Road East have caused concerns that the already congested neighbourhood could be further strained.

Yesterday Canton ward Councillor Stephen Cunnah shared development proposals for 23 new one and two bedroom flats on the thoroughfare.

However, Pegasus Developments Ltd have revealed that the properties will not have any on-site parking.

The proposed properties are to be car-free

Canton struggles with the number of cars in the area and currently five car parks provide 328 spaces but many drivers also park on the high street taking up space on the pavement, much to the frustration of residents.

Local resident Callum Thomson aged 36, said, “It’s important that developers help people live sustainably in communities – especially when, like in this case, they’re not providing any car parking.”

“The developer should contribute to upgrading the footbridge over the railway”, Mr Thomson added.

Legally developers must contribute some money to local councils for re-investment in the area, however Mr Cunnah does not believe this would fund a new foot bridge.

The bridge is owned by Network Rail, not the local council and Mr Cunnah has been given an estimated cost of £1 Million for improvements to the footbridge.

Mr Thomson said, “Making the bridge usable by cyclists, people using wheelchairs, and parents with pushchairs will help join up this part of Canton.”

Photo courtesy of Tejvan Pettinger.

“We do need a new bridge in Canton”, said Mr Cunnah, “But it’s not an issue of condition and safety.”
As a result, Network Rail are unwilling to invest unless the council can provide the funding, claims the Labour Councillor.

Mr Cunnah has stated that he would also like to see the bridge made more accessible to those who need it, but said any money the development would provide, “Almost certainly wouldn’t be near the £1Million ball park I’ve been told.”

The priority for any money that was garnered from developers would be in investment into Parking and Cycling schemes.

The proposed development site is 637 Cowbridge Road East and the developers are open to receiving the comments of local residents.

Concerns can be e-mailed to by no later than the 31st of December 2018.



Feature Image provided by Jeremy Segrott