Cardiff residents vexed as bus routes are to be reduced

Cardiff bus is making several changes to their services from next weekend onwards and it has not been received well by its residents.

Cardiff City by the Cardiff Central railway station.

People traveling on Cardiff bus will have to rethink their routes as they announced last month that they are going to be cutting down at least five buses.

Cardiff bus believes that these changes have been made for because these routes were not being used as other routes in the city.

“We appreciate that any change could be an inconvenience, but we would like to reassure our customers that we have thoroughly assessed all services, and attempted to meet demand where it’s needed while addressing certain routes which are less well used,” says Gareth Stevens, commercial manager of Cardiff bus.

X91 is one of the five buses that is going to be canceled.

These changes will be applied from 31 March 2019.

Early this year, in January, Cardiff bus issued a statement that it was cutting 12 routes in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan after making a £1.9 million loss. But now, after consideration, they will only cut down five services which include buses 9A, 12, 54, 86 and X91 and four of the night service buses.

The new Cardiff Bus Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC CN17BGY. © Jeremy Segrott


However, Cardiff being a student city, it would mean that the students will have difficulty commuting around the city.

“My main issue is that I live on North road, and they are going to be cancelling bus 27 after 11.30pm. That was one of my main ways to get back directly from the City Centre to North Road after I have hung out late with my friends” says Mary, a law student at Cardiff University.

Given the inconvenience caused by cutting down these routes, Cardiff Liberal Democrats have started a campaign to maintain the bus service which will affect the mobility issue in Lake Road West and Celyn Avenue. This petition, if signed by enough people, might help those bus routes to be maintained.

Service change posters put up on every bus.

On the whole, the rescheduling and cancelling of the main bus service in Cardiff have caused a lot of imbalance in most of the people’s lives here and it has caused the timetables of the existing buses to be changed as well. Some bus stations might be closed or moved to accommodate the new routes.

It can only be hoped that in the future, there will not be any more issues.

The changes in the Cardiff bus schedule can be found here

Here is a map of the routes that will be cancelled: