Cardiff University residence threw away students’ belongings during the lockdown

Cardiff University threw out students’ belongings without permission. How does it happen?

Students’ stuff was packed in the plastic bag and put on the entrance. ( Credit: Talybont South resident)

Students of Cardiff University said on the social media that their belongings in the school residence have been thrown away without asking during the lockdown.

Cardiff University has closed all libraries and switched to online teaching since 17th March because of the spread of COVID-19 in the UK.

Lots of students went back home and left their belongings at the school accommodation.

Emma, a student who lived in Cardiff university residence said, ” When I left Cardiff I had put away all my CLEAN items in the cupboards safely in the knowledge that my belongings would be “safely looked after”.

” All my pans, plates, bowls and chopping boards had been removed from the kitchen and only a small pile of stuff worth around £20 left on the table.”

She checked the bin outside of school accommodation and found other people’s belongings.  

“Staff finally saw two stressed people rooting through bins and came over to stop us. But these have now been moved into dry storage, ” said Emma.

Students kitchen utensils were thew on the ground. (Credit: Emma Robinson)

Cardiff university posted an apology on Twitter so far and claimed that they have stopped moving belongings and cleaning the kitchen.

However,how to deal with the beloingings which have been moved remains a question.

“Cardiff Uni Residence has taken all my items (and my flat mates), I’ve got 4 items left out of all my kitchen stuff, ” said Charlotte, a stdent who lived in student residence.”Terrible, my mother got me my kitchen items before she passed away. They are irreplaceable.”

The University contacted Charlotte but hasn’t taken further actions.

“All they’ve said is sorry – no attempt of reimbursement and refused to get my items when they had been taken out the bin and were clean and visible,” she added.

Cardiff University made an apology on Twitter.