Cardiff University Students walk out

Walk out in protest of new laws by the Home office, which adversely affect International students

Students all over Britain protest new laws
Students all over Britain protest new laws

Cardiff university students walked out of lectures, at noon, to protest new laws put in place by the home office.

Students boycotted lectures at Cardiff university on 17 November to show their disapproval against laws that limit International students from gaining valuable work experience after finishing their studies and swapping universities.

“We won’t stand by quietly and allow them, the home office, to further restrict the rights of our students” said Grace Piddington, the International students officer at Cardiff University.

Aishwarya Arora from India has spent all his life savings to study in the UK,  “I personally believe these policies are unfair towards students, we spend a massive amount of money here and I think we deserve to be able to get some work experience,” he says.“Personally, as an international student from the United States, the walk out was as much for me, and all of the international students that I have come to be close with since arriving in Cardiff, as it was to demonstrate our support for all students” Grace says.

The policies have been introduced in the middle of the term “you came here with a plan, it doesn’t make sense to change policies mid term, our choices have been squashed,” Ashwarya says. “International students are just as valuable as home students in the classroom, receiving the same education at a much higher price, to allow us to be further alienated is intolerable” Grace says, echoing the sentiments of the majority of International students.