Challenging fuel poverty in Cardiff

“Wooly blooms” cover a house in Cathays as a visual messaging campaign for the organization.

Walk around Cathays and you may spot knitted flowers, bees and other such things outside a home in. The knit bomb isn’t just for show. It’s to raise awareness for Care & Repair Cymru’s Winter Hardship Fund.
Sheleagh Llewellyn is behind the campaign. She is the fundraising officer for the charity, which that works with people over 60 years old through a network of local chapters around Wales.
Sheleagh Llewellyn of Care & Repair Cymru

“It’s kind of an experiment to have an eye catching image,” Sheleagh says about the knittings. “[In part] to put that out through social media.”
The goal is to raise £10,000 by the end of February. Proceeds support the efforts of the organization: providing senior citizens, who are otherwise unable to pay for heating, with the resources they need to get through winter.
This round of fundraising has been going on for about a week. Already, Wales and the West Utilities has donated £3,000 to the fund and individuals have been chipping in through text donations.
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Elderly people are one of the most vulnerable populations during the cold months. The death rate in the UK shoots up to 27 percent for older people during wintertime.
Of those who have been helped by the organization, Helena*, 68 years old, says, “I can’t begin to describe the relief. There was no way that I could manage it by myself. She found me a grant to fix the boiler, I’ve got new stair rails and a fantastic new shower. It’s not just that the house is warmer and safer now, it’s the fact that somebody cares and is there to help when you need it.”
Lloyd*, 76, says that, “if it wasn’t for them, I expect I would be in hospital by now.”
To get involved, you can text the message “WARM09£5” to 70070 to make a £5 donation to the hardship fund. You can also make your own knit bomb to raise awareness, or knit blankets, hats and gloves to donate. If you need advice, contact Sheleagh at 029 2067 4830 or
*names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.