Do you feel safe in Cardiff?

Armed police were deployed on Wednesday in Cathays where two men were arrested on suspicion of cannabis production.

Two men were arrested in Cathays on Wednesday evening, after an ongoing drug investigation which saw armed police in the area.
Crwys Road was closed in both directions as police were called on the suspicion of Cannabis production where the men, aged 49 and 60, were arrested at around 5pm.
Nia Griffiths, manager of Papillon hairdressers said, “There has been a lot of police here in full riot gear and with guns.”
At the scene, one officer described it as a ‘serious incident’ whilst another told the public to stand away from the armed officers.
Incidents involving drug raids and armed officers is not an uncommon scene in the city.
Research has shown that residents in Cardiff do not feel safe in their communities and women were more likely to feel this way.
We decided to ask the public how they felt about their safety in the city.

Rob Baker, Blaina South Wales

We don’t actually live in Cardiff, we’re just visiting. Cardiff tends to be open, tends to be easy to see things and I don’t think anyone is going to harm you generally.

Stewart Albert, Cardiff

I think it’s well policed. A lot of the communities are very much still small within their areas, I feel safe.

Petrina Wong, Pontypridd South Wales

This is my first visit actually … I see a lot of crossing guards [crossing patrol officer] and stuff … I’m a foreign student it just feels a lot more safer than where I’m from.

Zack Ahmed, Cardiff

Yeah it’s one of the safest cities in the UK. It’s small but massive at the same time, but police are always on the go… for me it feels a lot safe than living in other places

Delgerbayar Odkhuu, Cardiff

Yes. The people are really nice, they’re polite. I don’t think the people here would harm me in any way.

Jiarui Li, Cardiff

No not exactly, because it is dark too early … some places don’t have light. When I was biking home I was worried about it and also I think there are a lot of drunk people at night.

Nia Thomas, Cardiff

Yes. Everyone is quite friendly, I feel quite at home in Cardiff. I guess it’s quite safe to walk around at night, but I wouldn’t walk around by myself in dark areas.