Do you think fireworks are important for celebrations?

Bonfire night is observed on the 5th of November in remembrance of the historic event when the plan of Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament failed in 1605. Since then bonfire nights have been celebrated around Britain with magnificent display of fireworks in the sky.
This event is a part of the Great British culture but have also been an event of accidents and mishaps involving teenagers and adults over the past years.The most recent incident involved a 24 year old losing his eye when a firework exploded in his face.
Hence we decided to hear what the people of Cardiff thought about the use of fireworks during the bonfire night.

Sam Jordan, 22, Film maker/ Actor

It is very symbolic for British people. These celebrations are engraved into our culture and they surely have a place in society. But we should take steps to avoid accidents and also protect animals from the noise.
Connor, 24, Recruitment consultant

It is an old tradition, I don’t think it’s necessary today. I am really not against the bonfire or fireworks. But I am fine if we do not have it either. The most important thing is to be safe and if that is fulfilled then its fine.
Yvonne, 65, Retired

I don’t really go for bonfires. I don’t agree with the November 5th celebrations. It does not make any sense to me. I am also worried about the accidents it can cause.
John, 81, Retired

Bonfires are good, if organized well. I used to organize it at home but I follow rules and regulations. Safety is important.
Jonathan, 50, Actor

I have not been to bonfires recently. But they are fun, I used to take my kids when they were young. The display is just incredible that I cannot take my eyes of them. It’s always good to have organized events. Fireworks can be dangerous.
Dylan, 22, Monk

They are attractive and pretty to watch. It is a celebration that brings people together. It can be dangerous and so I will say don’t give fireworks to animals, children and idiots.