Hundreds of students marched to protest climate change negligence

Youth of Cardiff came together to raise their voice against the trend of Black Friday and want this election to be a climate election

Students lying on the floor to act as if they are dead. Credits: Megan Brockway

More than three hundred students from Cardiff took part in the march to urge adults to fight for the climate change and stop over consumption.

‘Cardiff Youth Strike 4 Climate’ organised the march on Black Friday in the city for which majority of the participants were of secondary school. 

Pupils marching with the home made signs in their hand. credits: Jitong Chen

17-year-old climate activist Ryan Belhadj said, “We all know that Greta Thunberg started and inspired the school strikes, but this movement now has a life of its own, reaching all across the world. Young people have been motivated to join in and tell adults how to do it right.” 

Ryan Belhadj motivating other protesters and addressing the mob

Pupils met at City Hall, they joined the UCU lecturers in a rally in Alexandria Gardens and then marched through the city, with a die-in outside the library. The march finished at the Senedd. 

Main aim of this activity was to put climate change on the agenda and to tackle over consumerism on Black Friday. They were also trying to call on adults to make sure that the upcoming election to be a ‘Climate Election’ that will results in a Parliament of MPs who are willing to tackle climate change.

Little young citizen trying to contribute in the climate change protest. credits: Jitong Chen

Young generation thinks, over consumerism is a major contributor to climate change. Black Friday in particular, is something we are better off not having. Strikers took the opportunity to raise the issue and speak about how we need to stop things like Black Friday.

According the experts, if we don’t start fundamentally shifting our carbon emissions by the end of 2020, it could be too late to put them on track to reaching the targets of 2030. According to the young protesters this is the very last election in which we can put in a government that is able to make the changes required. 

Young enthusiastic protesters marching through the city. Credits: Megan Brockway

Ryan Belhadj further said, “The country and the world are at a turning point in history. It is in the hands of every responsible citizen to make sure that our future is protected. Vote based on what is best for the future. All you have to do is ask young people, and we will tell you.”